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Technical And Innovative Solutions

We are a network of expert consultants in different areas of the mining business, we have a professional team specialized in creating technical and innovative solutions for the industry.

Our clients

Our Services for a Profitable, Sustainable and Safe Mining

Assistance from Expert Professionals

Our professionals have years of experience in projects related to the mining industry.

Committed to circular mining

Highly Trained Professionals To Generate Sustainable And Sustainable Development.

Innovative Solutions in different Areas

Years of experience in the industry allowed our professionals to be trained to generate highly effective solutions.

Expert Consultants Mining industry

We are a team of professional experts in developing innovative solutions for industry problems, working in close collaboration with our clients providing knowledge, experience and professionalism for development.

Our history

Mine Strategy SpA was created in 2016 by Miguel Romero after a vast career in Codelco Chile, for which he invited great professionals from the industry to participate in this project. The original idea was founded on taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge of these great professionals to provide innovative solutions to industry problems.